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Specification of Keraton Dak

Product Specifications:

Category Dak Kraton
How To Install Ceiling Bricks Palace:
1. Soak Palace / Ceiling Bricks With Water Until Completely Wet
2. Behind Ceiling Bricks, Set Lengthwise Along The Stretch Of Maximum 4M And Assembled On The Surface Of The Straight
3. Place Steel Reinforcement 8Mm 10Mm At The Top And Bottom
4. Leave On A Series Of Ceiling Bricks 5-7 Days To Achieve Maximum Hardening
5. Raise A Series Of Ceiling Bricks One By One And Close The Series With One Another.
6. Fill In Series With Cast Cement Mortar To 1-3Cm Above The Surface Of The Floor Ceiling Bricks

Advantages Of Using Ceiling Bricks Palace:
1. Strength Equivalent To Conventional Concrete Cast In Accordance With Regulatory Requirements And Concrete Indonesia (Pbi)
2. Saving Materials, Energy And Time Up To 40%
3. Weights Lighter Than Conventional Cast Concrete
4. Not Interfere With The Activities Under Floor Ceiling Bricks
5. Functioning As A Marinade Sound And Heat Insulation.